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‚ÄčThe Hydrogen Fluoride Industry Practices Institute (HFIPI), established in March 1994, develops and publishes recommended practices specific to the Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) Industry. HFIPI members recognize that sustaining the safety record for HF depends on active dissemination of technologies and the continual education of the entire industry.

The HFIPI is governed by a Board of Directors that consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, and the Task Group Chairs. In addition to the Board, the HFIPI has working Task Groups that are responsible for the development of the Recommended Practices for the Hydrogen Fluoride Industry (Guidelines). Participants of the Task Groups are volunteers from the HFIPI member companies.

Currently the HFIPI consists of four active Task Groups:

  • The Storage Systems Task Group
  • Transportation Task Group
  • Materials of Construction Task Group, and
  • Personal Protective Equipment Task Group


The Task Groups typically meet either in Washington, D.C. or during the semi-annual Hydrogen Fluoride Safety Seminar. The groups also coordinate via conference calls. The Task Groups consist of volunteers from HFIPI member companies who have particular experience and expertise with HF. They provide the technical language for development of the Guidelines, which are peer-reviewed prior to publication. To date, 15 Guidelines have been published. The Guidelines have been distributed both within North America and globally.